Mobiddiction attends the Twitter HelloWorld Tour 2016 at Sydney HQ

As they say, you never stop learning! And rightly so a few of the Mobiddiction team members had to fit in attending various events and conferences into our schedules. LinkedIn Social Selling Leaders club in Australia, Twitter as part of their “HelloWorld” tour had their Sydney tour event at the Twitter HQ, Amazon had their AWS Summit, there’s CeBIT out at Olympic Park and more…seems Tis’ the season of events!

India’s Entrepreneurism Is Unlimited!

Mobility Start up ideas are plenty

Have you heard of a 10-year old CEO & a 12-year old CTO kicking off their entrepreneurial journey? Or a young department head in a multinational company, living a cushy life leaving their job to start up personal care cosmetics company that has over 100 stores in each state or a billion dollar e-Commerce firm that a million south Indian villagers buy from? Investors and foreign multinationals have their eyes on India and they’re investing big time as the Startup India movement heats up!

Windows 10 – is now the time to invest?

It was a few months ago now but we were lucky enough to be working with the Mircrosoft team on the launch of Windows 10.

Being part of this helped us see first hand all its new and engaging features which have excited the tech industry. With a refined language and feel, it has brought to us all new apps, new browsers and farfetched connectivity qualities.

Driving loyalty through mobile

Loyalty programs can have an enormous impact on companies; globally contributing to around as much as 5-10% of total revenue gains.

Every company seems to be looking at diving into developing a mobile focussed loyalty program. From my experience most companies fail to leverage the full opportunity by just tweaking their existing loyalty programs rather than taking the opportunity to review and update their loyalty solution.

The theory of customer loyalty is pretty simple really, the longer you can keep a customer with you, the more money you can make from them and that’s a cost much lower cost than acquiring new customers from scratch.

Internet of Your Things – How will it shape future generations?

We used to just have phones for calling and sending the odd message via SMS. Then the phones got connected to the internet giving us smartphones which let us do everything from reading the morning paper, doing your banking to updating your status on facebook. Since then, smartphones have arguably had the single biggest impact on our day to day lives over the past decade. Now everything from our homes, cars, cities and even pets can be connected to the internet, giving us what is now been called the Internet of Things (IoT)

Delivering a connected experience

It’s an exciting and mind-baffling time that we are going through with the technology space re-defining and reinventing itself, children ‘edutaining’ themselves (educating in an entertaining manner), consumers leaving a pixel trail of behavioural patterns, and industries cross-pollinating and trying to re-invent their connected experiences through wearable, connectable or predictive technology.

Should marketers invest in wearable tech?

Wearable technology is currently very much in an early adopter phase, however the power of connectivity is driving change at an unprecedented rate, fuelled exponentially by new technologies being launched every week.

Everyone is talking about 2014 being the year of the wearables and for Hardware Manufacturers I would agree now is definitely the time. Smart watches. Fitness bands. Glassware. Your whole body could be adorned with mobile gear that tracks everything from your location to the number of steps you take in a day.

As sage marketers however, we need to ask ourselves the question; is now the time for me to invest my marketing budget in wearable technology or is it still a fad?

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